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Law Courses and Lectures

Professor Michael A. Olivas has an extensive consulting practice in his research areas of immigration law and the law of higher education, representing individual and institutional clients in a variety of legal settings.

In Entertainment Law, he lectures in several formats: Continuing Legal Education presentations (applicable for CLE requirements in all states and jurisdictions), such as The Law of Rock and Roll, The History of Rock and Roll, Latin Rock and Roll, The Anatomy of a Radio Show, and many specialized matters such as intellectual property, artist rights, litigation in specific areas, and legislative developments across subjects in the arts. Having taught Professional Responsibility, he is also able to review ethical developments in these fields for meeting CLE requirements in PR. He has also participated in radio and television fundraising events, telling various rock and roll stories with law and business subjects.

He is also available to teach these subjects in Inter-term and short course formats, for CLE or academic credit, as well as for personal enjoyment. Among his more popular events is a mixed-media presentation, with equal portions of rock and roll lore, the history of the music, a sampler of legal and business issues, and personal experiences (such as his sneaking into a Little Richard concert when he was 11 years old, by lying to his parents in New Mexico).
Standing in your sad arrest, trying to do my very best Van Morrison