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Class Subjects

Year 1:
Losing My Religion Over Noise Ordinances (Class No. 1)
Ronnie Greenfield v. Philles Records, Inc.: Contract Law and Dirty Dancing (Class No. 2)
Don't Mess With Downloads (Class No. 3)
Be My, Be My Little Ringtone (and Download) (Class No. 4)
Rap-A-Lot Records and Contract Law for Artists (Class No. 5)
The Law and Back Up Singers (Class No. 6)
Old Records and European Copyright (Class No. 7)
Death Be Not Proud (Class No. 8)

Year 2:
Will the Real Coasters Stand Up and Sing? (Class No. 9)
A Taxing Matter (Class No. 10)
Immigration and Entertainment Law (Class No. 11)
Musical Life After Death, and Pepper's Ghost (Class No. 12)
Rap Music and Criminal Justice (Class No. 13)
The Law of Elvis and Copyright, Vol. 1 (Class 14)
The Law of Elvis and Copyright, Vol. 2 (Class 15)
Imitation May Be the Sincerest Form of Flattery, But (Class No. 16)
Hitting the Campaign Trail, or, Cease and Desist From Playing My Song (Class No. 17)
Concerts and Disabilities: Sit Down in Front, Damnit (Class No. 18)
"Rockonomics" and the Business Savvy of Rock and Rollers, Vol. 1 (Class No. 19)
Rock & Roll Divorce (Class No. 20)

Year 3:
The Law of Concert Cancellations (Class 21)
The Law of Releases (Class 22)
Pomplamoose and the Law and Business of Touring (Class 23)
The Law and Musical Hate Speech (Class 24)
Music South of the Border: Narcocorridos and Drug Lyrics (Class 25)
Copyright Infringements and Relief (Class 26)
"Rockonomics" and the Business Savvy of Rock and Rollers, Vol. 2 (Class 27)
Streamin', On a Sunday Afternoon: The Law of Royalties (Class 28)
Trusts and Wills: Heirs' Cut (Class 29)
Rock Lyrics and Judicial Opinions (Class 30)
Law, Rock and Roll, and the Movies (Vol. 1) (Class 31)
The Law of Music Festivals (Class 32)

Year 4:
Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby (Class 33)
Copyright Infringement, Otra Vez (Class 34)
Beatles Law and Business (Class 35)
Law, Rock & Roll, and the Movies Vol. II (Class 36)
Remasters and Repackaging (Class 37)
Climbing the Stairway to Heaven (Class 38)
Law and Business of Prince (Class 39)
For What It's Worth (Class 40)
Ticket Scalping and the Law(s) (Class 41)
Who's in the Band? (Class 42)
Rock and Electioneering (cont.) (Class 43)
User Plays and Algorithms (Class 44)

Year 5:
Law and Business Of Bowie (Class 45)
The Law and RockDocs (Class 46)
Hate Music and Tiki Torches (Class 47)
TM, Musical Trademarks (Class 48)
All in the Family (Class 49)
Canceling Concerts (Class 50)
Taylor Swift, In and Out of Court (Class 51)
Law and Musical Auctions (Class 52)
Immigration and the Travel Ban (Class 53)
Terrorism and Concerts (Class 54)
Better Late Than Never, Releasing Old Songs (Vol. 1) (Class 55)
Album Cover Art and the Law (Class 56)

Year 6:
Blurred Lines and Stealing Song Styles (Class 57)
The Developing Law of #Me,Too (Class 58)
Terrorism and Concerts, Vol. 2 (Class 59)
Management Ripping Off Artists (Class 60)
Antitrust, Concert Tours, & the Shapeshifting of Live Entertainment (Class 61)
Taking Down Social Media (Class 62)
Rock Lyrics and Judicial Opinions, Vol. 2 (Class 63)
The Allure of Artist-run Festivals (Class 64)
Cross-cultural Appropriations (Class 65)
Crosswise Collaborations (Class 66)
Better Late Than Never, Releasing Old Songs, Vol. 2 (Class 67)
Concert Boycotts for Cause (Class 68)

Year 7:
The Law and RockDocs, Vol. 2 (Class 69)
More #Me,Too (Class 70)
The Law of Merch & Marketing (Class 71)
Woodstock and the Law (Class 72)
Still Climbing the Stairway to Heaven (Class 73)
Releasing New Albums (Class 74)
"Rockonomics" and the Business Savvy of Rock and Rollers, Vol. 3 (Class 75)
Law, Rock & Roll, and the Movies Vol. 2 (Class 76)
Singers Dying Intestate (Class 77)
Re-Recording Old Songs(Class 78)
The Law and Eminem (Class 79)
Charles Manson and Rock & Roll (Class 80)

Year 8:
The Law and RockDocs, Vol. 3 (Class 81)
"Rockonomics" and the Business Savvy of Rock and Rollers, Vol. 4 (Class 82)
Entertainment Law and Pandemics (Class 83)
Concerts and Coronavirus (Class 84)
Bands and Naming Rights (Class 85)
Copyright, Once Again (Class 86)
Sampling the Wares (Class 87)
Musical Voting Rights and Elections (Class 88)
Black Lives Matter and Movement Music (Class 89)
Music on Hold (Class 90)
Legal Issues & Bad Management (Class 91)
Lady A, Meet Lady A (Class 92)
Trademarks & Band Identity (Class 93)
Rock History Up for Auction (Class 94)
The Music & Sounds of Hate Speech (Class 95)
Musical Diplomacy (Class 96)
James Brown, RIP and Ain’t It Funky Now? (Class 97)
Rock Oddities (Class 98)

Year 9:
“Whiter Shade of Pale”: Anatomy of a Song Credit Over 30 Years (Class No. 99)
NFTs and Digital Scams, Errr, Umm, Auctions (Class No. 100)
Musical Diplomacy, Vol 2 (Class No. 101)
#Free Britney, Conservatorships, and Celebrities (Class No. 102)
Treat Roy Right: Roy Head and "Treat Her Right" (Class No. 103)
Slicing up Fleetwood Mac (Class No. 104)
Zappa, Inc (Class No. 105)
Entertainment Law and Pandemics, Vol. 2 (Class No. 106)
Tax and Shakira’s Hips (Class No. 107)
Far Out: Coachella and Concert "Radius Clauses" (Class No. 108)
Fake Bands and Hidden Bandmembers (Class No. 109)
Rock Cochinos: Suing Rockstars for Bad Acts (Class No. 110)
How Much Are LPs Worth? (Class No. 111)
Tom Petty and the (Heartbreaking) Heartbreakers (Class No. 112)
Letting Go: Band Membership and Governance, Vol 1 (Class No.113)
Hidden and Subliminal Messages in Rock Music (Class No. 114)
Rock Oddities, Vol. 2 (Class No. 115)
The Law and RockDocs, Vol. 4 (Class No. 116)

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