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Radio Show

The Law of Rock and Roll New times

I have a weekly 5 minute radio show (The Law of Rock and Roll) on the New Mexico NPR station KANW [ , which has been on the drive-in time for its first 7 years (Fridays, 10:00 am Mountain Time Zone), 89.1 FM.

You can tune into KANW online by going to the station or to the station URL and listening to the show live (at NOW PLAYING mp3):

There is a national URL, online any Friday morning at the same time, adjusted to your time zone: (just come on a few minutes before the show begins in your time zone).

Podcast, changed each week: (Click on Use Another Player)

It has also been playing on other radio stations around the country, through PRX.

Order the Series of Classes:

Any station wanting to subscribe to the Series can order the Classes from PR Exchange - : (profile page) (series menu)

Affiliated Stations:

WTJU 91.1 FM (University of Virginia)
(Soundboard, hosted by Robert Packard and Michelle Delgado, 9:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern Time Zone, Fridays):

UH station KUHF/Houston Public Media, Saturday nights at 8:00 pm (Central Time) NPR station, 88.7 FM:

GOATRADIO.ORG At the top of the hour, every hour on Th/F/Sat/Sun

The Law of Rock and Roll Show Personnel

Michael A. Olivas, The Rock and Roll Law Professor
Ernest T. Sanchez, General Counsel
Kevin Otero, Producer, KANW
Michael Brasher, General Manager, KANW
Pola Lopez, Artistic Designer
Samuel F. Barker, Technical A-V Consultant
Santa Fe Studio X, Web Design
Ruth S. McCleskey, Web Editor
Patrick T. Ortiz, Legal Consultant
Yocel Alonso, Legal Consultant
Justen Barks, Legal Consultant
Ken Mills, Program Consultant

© 2017, Michael A. Olivas
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